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Information The Author :

by Levina Nirwasita & Keisha Kirana

Synopsis of the book :

The Five Young WIzards by Levina is about the five teenage wizrds who families were captured by a group of powerful wizards.

The Tiniest Fairy by Keisha is about a small fairy who often got bullied by the other fairy.  One day, she discovered herself in a human world.

Illustrated by Felicia Chandra

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      Book Of The Month

    by Francis Tirtaguna & Kayla Safira

    Lost in Bali is about the story of an Austrlian girl who was on vacation with her dad to Bali for the first time.  When she realized that she was lost, what should she do?

    Treasure of Bali is about the story of two girls following the clues all around Bali and realized that there were many interesting places they didn't know about.

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