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Michelle Willianto, Jamie Lie, Jasmine Chatab

Penerbit: Jade Edukasi

A blue ...
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Amaryllis Harsono & Kelsey Vitalli

Roger is ...
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Mantika R. Maris, Benaya J.A. Damanik & Alveinia Maleekah A.

Apakah ...
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Catalina A Tan & Alicia Sutandar; Illustrated by Felicia Chandra

Choco has ...
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by: Faith Mikayla

Illustrated by: Kayra Jacob

Everyone ...
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By: Jessica Sutandar

Loli ...
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by: Alicia Sutandar

The ...
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by: Jonathan A. Tan

Oinky is ...
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Zara Alicia N.S., Mantika Renata Maris, Farradyna Putri

Kisah ...
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Menorah Hutagalung, Alexandrine Mikaela Rifarmi, Keiko Erly Kusuma

Illustrations: Kayra

How do ...
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Aaron Xander & Sharon Suherman

Illustrated by: Felicia Chandra

In Wish ...
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F. Sophia M. Deogrades, Justine A. J. Ampusta, Nada Nashita

Three ...
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Louisse F. Benard, Zara Alicia N.S., Cheryl V. Pakpahan

3 kisah ...
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Jarvinia Hannara Sihombing & Alexandrine Mikaela Rifarmi

Illustration: Kayra Jacob.

A Jalak ...
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Elizah Bella Zhou, Rachel Kalona, Jaycen Theo

Kemala, ...
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Riyan Shetty, Sherrie Kumala, Nada Nashita (9 years old)

3 ...
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    New Release

    Amaryllis Harsono & Kelsey Vitalli

    Roger is a Javan Rhino who is good in solving mysteries.  Discover how he solves the mystery of the missing things in the jungle.

    Bintu is a unique Bearcat (Binturong) with a long tail.  As the only binturong left in the forest, will she find a way to step into the sunlight or will she hide in the shadows forever?