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Believe it or not! These are the books written by kids.

Any child can be writer.

 You can be a published author too!

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Catalina A Tan & Alicia Sutandar; Illustrated by Felicia
Choco has ...
Details  |   EBOOK
by: Faith Mikayla Illustrated by: Kayra
Everyone ...
Details  |   EBOOK
By: Jessica
Loli ...
Details  |   EBOOK
by: Alicia
The ...
Details  |   EBOOK
by: Jonathan A.
Oinky is ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Zara Alicia N.S., Mantika Renata Maris, Farradyna
Kisah ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Menorah Hutagalung, Alexandrine Mikaela Rifarmi, Keiko Erly
How do ...
Details  |  
Aaron Xander & Sharon Suherman Illustrated by: Felicia
In Wish ...
Details  |   EBOOK
F. Sophia M. Deogrades, Justine A. J. Ampusta, Nada
Three ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Louisse F. Benard, Zara Alicia N.S., Cheryl V.
3 kisah ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Jarvinia Hannara Sihombing & Alexandrine Mikaela
A Jalak ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Elizah Bella Zhou, Rachel Kalona, Jaycen
Kemala, ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Riyan Shetty, Sherrie Kumala, Nada Nashita (9 years
3 ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Cherlyn Tan, Sharon Suherman, Rachel
Three ...
Details  |   EBOOK
Hana Kay & Aaron
Whale ...
Details  |   EBOOK
by Francis Tirtaguna & Kayla
Lost in ...
Details  |   EBOOK
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      Book Of The Month

    Menorah Hutagalung, Alexandrine Mikaela Rifarmi, Keiko Erly Kusuma

    Illustrations: Kayra

    How do you survive a chaos? While fighting for your own survival might seem like a good idea, Menorah’s story, The Selfish Tree Kangaroos, will show you that there is a better way.

    In Mikaela’s story, The Ungrateful Hornbill, a young bird who often complains, will learn to see that her rainforest is full of good fruits and friends!

    In The Circle of Kindness, by Keiko, a group of forest animals will show you the beauty of kindness, especially when it is passed around.

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